Membership Policy

TRaining1. Membership

1.1 Membership to Swim Squad is open to all swimmers irrespective of race, sex , disability, political persuasion, religion or sexual orientation and will be offered when space is available in the squad and the swimmer has been assessed by the coaches. The Club may refuse membership only for good and sufficient cause, such as conduct or character likely to bring Swim Squad or the sport into disrepute, or, in the case of a swimmer, being unable to achieve the entry standards required by the coaches.

1.2 Unfortunately due to pool size, health and safety, swimmer enjoyment and access to pool time the squad size is limited in line with the constitution. There are no more than 9 swimmers per lane. As a result of this restriction, places will be allocated by the pool through the Foundation Squad and will be determined by the coaches as to who is ready to move up. Some swimmers may be fast tracked through on the Pathway Programme if they are of a high enough standard. All notifications of membership will be made to the membership Secretary/Secretary in line with the club constitution.

1.3 All swimmers will join as Category 2. The exception to this are those who will remain under competitive age (9 years) during the whole squad calendar or those in who are leaving Swim Squad to go to University in the September of that year and are not likely to compete with in the time. This will be determined on an individual basis.

1.4 Social members – these consist of members who have been swimmers (parent s of swimmers) who would like to stay in touch with the Squad and join in the social events the Squad have from time to time.

2. Membership Fees

2.1 There are two sets of fees to be paid, annual fees that are paid to Swim Squad which cover the ASA fees and the management of Swim Squad, and monthly pool fees which cover the hire of the pool and the coaches’ fees which is paid directly to the pool. Changes to the fees will be in line with the constitution.

2.2 Annual fee is due by 28th February of each year and are paid directly to Swim Squad  by either cheque or cash. Monthly fees are due at the start of each month. The Pool is able to offer a direct debit scheme to help, but this needs to be organised by the individual with the pool directly. Any fee that is missed without prior arrangement risks the swimmer being suspended from swimming until the fees are paid. Suspended time will also be due as payment. For hardship see 3.

2.3. There is no fee for a Social Member, however a Social member will have no rights to vote at the Annual General Meeting.


3. Hardship

Difficulty paying the annual subscription. If there is an issue and the membership fee needs to be paid over a longer period then see the Membership Secretary or Welfare Officer – all cases will be treated with confidentiality and assessed sensitively. Fees to the pool must be arranged directly with the pool.


4. Attendance

4.1 The constitution states that a member swim is expected to be ‘active’. The Swim Squad and the Pool acknowledge that swimming may be one of a number of activities that members take part in. However improvement comes with training and the coaches run scheduled training which runs on a specific cycle and ad hoc attendance will mean that the swimmer is not gaining maximum benefit from the programme.

4.2 The Pool reserve the right to ask for a swimmer to be excluded from the Squad if there is no specific reasons for low attendance or the Pool believe that the swimmer by not attending regularly is not benefitting from the training programme

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5. Absence

5.1 The Swim Squad and Pool should be notified of all absences.

5.2. Short term absence.  The Swim Squad fees are still due if the swimmer intends to continue swimming. The pool will expect their fees to be paid to hold the place for the swimmer, though this will be assessed on an individual basis and organised directly with the pool.

5.3 Long term absence.  This is absence covering 6 months or more. These will be assessed on an individual basis as to whether a Swim Squad fee would be due and whether places can be held or not. Individuals will have to make arrangements directly with the Pool.


  1.  Resigning.

6.1 A member wishing to resign membership of Swim Squad must give the Secretary / Membership Secretary written notice of his/her resignation.  When a member resigns they will not be entitled to have any part of the annual membership fee or any other fees returned.

6.2 A member whose subscription is more than two months in arrears may be deemed to have resigned. Where the membership of a member shall be terminated in this way, he/she shall be informed in writing that he/she is no longer a member by notice handed to him/her or sent by post to his/her last known address.  The A.S.A. Membership Department shall be informed should a member resign when still owing money or goods to the Club.  Any member who resigns must return any Club or external body’s trophy or trophies held forthwith.

6.3 Re-joining after leaving. If a swimmer has notified Swim Squad and Pool that they longer wish to be a member, then their membership will be lapsed with the ASA after 3 months and their space given to another swimmer. If the swimmer leaves near the end of the season their membership will not be renewed, even if this is less than 3 months.

6.4 Following the Pathway Programme by moving to another club. If a swimmer demonstrates the potential and desire to move to another club, then their membership of the ASA will be moved to the new club and they will be issued with the new club ASA code. If, at a later date, the swimmer expresses a desire to return to the Swim Squad, this will assessed on an individual basis (see point 1.2). The process will adhere to the Amateur Swimming Association guidelines.

Swim Squad refers to Tadcaster Swim Squad registered with the code TADE with the ASA and consists of swimmers, parents of swimmers, social members and committee volunteers.

Pool refers to Tadcaster Swimming Pool, which is the Community pool for Tadcaster run by paid staff and volunteers