Jorvik Viking Sprints June 2019

An excited team of 46 swimmers and their Coach Jane and team managers spent Saturday at one of our favourite galas the Jorvik Viking Sprints at John Charles swimming pool.

In case you haven’t already heard the big news of the day was that Tadcaster finally (after many years of trying) won the Top Club trophy with the highest number of points overall. Points were awarded to all medal winners with 6 points for gold going down to 1 point for 6th place. Overall Tadcaster achieved 329.5 points (not sure where the 0,5 came from!!) which is a fantastic result and you should all feel very proud. Harry Netherway also achieved Top 10 year boy trophy too. Well done!
We had some amazing individual results too. It was a first gala for Tilly Amelia, Tom, Rylie, Freya, Thomas, Blake, Eloise, Isobel, Luke, Cleo,  They all did extremely well with Tilly, Tom G, Freya, Eloise all achieving Yorkshire County qualifications which is a fantastic achievement in itself never mind on a first outing. Tilly achieved a Yorkshire time for all 5 of her races!
Giorgia went even further and achieved her first 2 North East Regional qualifications with some huge personal bests and VERY fast times in 50 back and 50 free.
Overall the swimmers raced in 169 events achieving 119 new personal bests and 87 medals, including 14 Gold, 15 silver, 21 Bronze and a further 37 4th to 6th places.
Some swimmers were TOO FAST for a medal and achieved SPEEDING TICKETS. You can see the full results and print off Speeding ticket certificates by vising and clicking on Jorvik Sprints and Results.
Medal Winners: Rylie, Gold, Silver & 6th Place, Lucy 4th x 2 and 5th x 2, Latisha Bronze,  Tabby Gold, Bronze and speeding ticket, Daniel Silver, Bronze & 5th place. Lorna 4th, Amy 6th, Eloise E, Bronze, 5th & Speeding Ticket, & bronze, Freya Gold & 2x Speeding Ticket, Chloe Bronze & 5th, Tom G 6th, Jimmy, Gold, 2 x Bronze, 4th & Speeding ticket, Tilly Gold, Silver, Bronze, 6th & speeding ticket, Blake Silver & 5th, Eloise H 2x Silver, bronze & 2 x Speeding ticket, Imogen 2 x Bronze, Sylvie Silver & 4th, Isaac Gold, Silver & 4th, Charlotte Bronze, 4th, 6th & Speeding Ticket, Sophie Gold, Giorgia Bronze & 2 x Speeding Ticket, Holly 6th, Josh 4th & 5th, Harry 2 x Gold, Bronze & 5th, Carys Gold, Luke Silver, Ruby Gold & Silver, Emily 2 x Silver & Bronze, Josie Bronze & 4th, Tom S Silver & 5th, Gwen 4th, Jess Bronze & 5th, Maddie 2 x Gold and 5th, Nina Silver, Maggie 2 x Bronze & 5th, Livvy Silver & 5th, Libby Gold, Bronze, 4th & Speeding ticket, Aeisha Silver & 5th, Sarah 6th, Sam 2 x Bronze, 3 x 4th. Phew!!
Jane said “I had the most amazing day and so very much to be proud of, well done to all the swimmers!”
Danny said: “Really good, they’ve done class”  (big praise indeed from Danny)
Thanks go to Coach Jane who supported swimmers throughout the whole day and team managers, Sue, Rob, Rachel and Anne (first time as TM and she survived)