Brilliance at the Barracudas 18th March 2018

Beverley Barracudas Meet 18.03.2018
A fantastic day full of achievements for swimmers at Beverley Barracudas Sprints on Sunday 18th March.  The return of the Mini Beast caused some concerns about the roads but our intrepid swimmers and parents managed to get there without major problems and the gala swung into action.  With 24 girls and 4 boys competing in 103 races over the course of the day the club achieved a huge haul of medals, racking up some fantastic PB’s with Georgina and Rebecca competing for the first time in a gala and Emily competing for the first time for Tadcaster. Medals were graded into A, B, C Grades with medals awarded to the top 6 swimmers in each age group. This gave our swimmers a great opportunity to come home clanking with a lot of bling.
The medal roll of honour:
Emily Atkinson (1 x Gold, 2X Silver) Tabby Browning (3 x Gold 2x Silver), Sadie Butterfield (1 x Bronze, 1 x 4th) Lorna Colling (2x Gold, 2x silver, 4th & 5th) Amy Copley (Gold and 6th place) Millie Day (silver, Bronze & 2 x 5th) Lauren Day (Silver & Bronze) Eloise Eastman (2x Silver ) Chloe Foster (3x Gold 1 x Bronze)  Georgina Gregory (4th place medal on her first gala) Imogen Holbrook (Gold, Silver, Bronze, 4th & 5th) Sylvie Hollinghurst (Gold & Bronze) Sophie McClure (3x Gold, Silver, Bronze and 6th place) Holly Moss (3x Gold & 1x Bronze)  Abby Netherway (2 x Bronze) Hannah Sharpe (Gold, Bronze, 4th 5th & 6th) Emily Shrimpton (on her first gala for Tadcaster Gold, 3x Silver and 1 x Bronze)  Gwen Spavin (Gold, Silver, Bronze and 5th) Livvy Turnbull (Silver, Bronze, 4th & 5th) Aiesha Versaamy (2x Gold, 2x Silver and 2x Bronze) Sarah Welch ( 2 Gold and 1x Silver)
Ben Colling (2x Silver, 1x Bronze, 4th & 6th ) Dan Colling (Gold, Bronze, 2x 4th & 5th) Ben Digby (4 x Silver & 1 x Bronze)  Joshua Moss (2 X Gold and 1 x Silver)
Even more important than medals are the many new Personal bests achieved by our swimmers 61 in all out of 103 races. Some of these were enormous and deserve a mention:
Emily Atkinson -7.9 in 50m Breast, Tabby Browning -12.8 in 200 IM, Ben Colling -5.19 in 200 IM, Eloise Eastman -5.96 in 50m Free,  Imogen Holbrook -5.2 in 200m IM, Sylvie Hollinghurst -5.6 in 50m Breast,  Holly Moss -11.23 for 100m back, Emily Shrimpton -5.76 for 100m breast and Sarah Welch -12.64 for 100m Fly. PHEW!

For Swimmers who tried a new event for the first time we also had some results much better than estimated entry times (some of which were based on time trials so we can see how much swimmers have improved since joining the squad) :


Georgina Gregory  -8.15 from her estimated time for 50m free, SophieMcClure -20.59 off her estimated time for 200IM, Abby Netherway -21.32 fro her estimated time for 200IM and Gwen Spavin -16.42 for estimated time for 100m Free,  

All of our swimmers should be very proud on what they achieved. Thanks  to  Jane as Coach, Victoria and Jo for Team Managing, this was Jo’s first time as Team Manager so she is now signed off and fully trained. We also sent two officials, David Atkinson and Caroline Digby who was also signed off as Chief Inspector of turns as part of her training for judge Level 1.