Training Camp Plans – Full Steam Ahead

Great progress has been made on the Easter Training Camp at Torremolinos. David Atkinson has been brilliant at bringing everyone together and orchestrating a highly effective plan. His latest report is summarised below.

  1. Conrad and Ruth have done loads of work on the risk assessments and they’re ready for review by us and the coaches; Ruth will send them out in due course
  2. Insurance bought and ASA requirements for responsible adults and team leaders have been met
  3. Second payment and consent forms sorted
  4. Kit ordered and delivered 
  5. Barclays will match fund raising to a maximum of £1000
  6. I met with Danny & Jane last week and have exchanged emails since then; they have agreed the following:
    1. They’ll create training plans for camp, any pre-camp training and kit required by end January
    2. Review and sign-off (or approve) Risk Assessments during January
    3. Ask Team Leaders to write code of conduct in February and present to swimmers and parents in early March
    4. Team Leaders and coaches to work up a plan for social action activity between training sessions
    5. Final briefing to swimmers and parents on the last weekend prior to camp

Once this has been done it will form the blueprint of any future trips if this proves to be the great success we are hoping it will be. We look to share other updates in the near future. Please ask or email if you have any questions.