Meet the GB Special Olympics Representatives

Will and Jemima have been elected to be the Great Britain representatives on the Special Olympics Committee. They will hold these important positions for the next two years and jetted off to Frankfurt before Christmas for the initial meetings and award ceremonies. They will be involved in shaping the future of the Special Olympics from  young peoples’ perspective and will be working with other inclusive teams from across Europe and Eurasia.
Proud Mum Dr Sam Browning said
“It’s very exciting and makes me slightly nervous that they will be travelling to conferences and summits without me!”
We wish Will and Jemima good luck in their new roles and look forward to hearing more form them in 2017.

Jemima is a member of Tadcaster Swim Squad and Will is a member of the Tadcaster Disability Squad. Jemima has played a key role in establishing the Disability Squad that was set up in 2016.