Welfare Update

fbJust a reminder that the TSS Welfare Officers are Tracy Holbrook (Imogen’s Mum) and David Atkinson (Lucy’s Dad). One or other of us are usually to be found at the pool during most training sessions if any swimmers or parents would like to talk to us about any welfare issues. We also now have an email address to which only the two of us have access (tsswelfare@gmail.com) if you would prefer to contact us by email. This information can also be found on the squad notice board in case you need us at any time and can’t find this message. Any matters raised with us are treated in strict confidence and will not even be shared between the two of us, if requested.

A couple of issues have come to our attention recently which we would like to clarify:

1) Social Media and Telephone Contact

Coaches cannot be ‘friends’ with swimmers under 18 years of age. Please ask your swimmers to be aware of this and to refrain from making ‘friend’ requests to coaches. If any such contact already exists please ask your swimmer to ‘unfriend’ or delete the contact. The coaches have been made aware of this and will do the same and will decline any future requests.

Coaches cannot hold the telephone numbers or email addresses of swimmers under the age of 18. Any contact required will be via swimmers’ parents.

Further guidance on this can be found in section 2 of ‘Wavepower’ which can be found on the ASA’s website www.swimming.org.

2) Responsible Adults at Galas


When you complete a gala entry form you are asked to give details of the name and contact number of the responsible adult for your swimmer(s) during the gala. Please make sure you inform the Team Manager on duty on gala day, or beforehand if known, if the nominated adult has changed since you completed the form. We realise that this will happen but we do need to know the correct person to ring, and their contact number, if there is an issue with a swimmer on the day. Please also note that the nominated responsible adult will be asked to make decisions in relation to your child, should any illness or emergency occur.


On a similar note, if you are the responsible adult stated on the entry form and you leave the gala venue for any reason please advise the Team Manager of who is taking responsibility during your absence and provide their contact number. Swimmers must not be left at galas even for a short time without a nominated responsible adult being present.

Please speak to Tracy or David if you would like further clarification on either of these points.