Yorkshires October 2016 – Days 1 and 2

IMG_7193Weekend 1: Ages 9-12

The first weekend of October saw the younger age groups (9-12) Yorkshire Winter Championships take place. There was a small but determined contingent from Tadcaster in competition both in the water and in the galleries trying to find somewhere to sit. I was glad that the swimmers fared better than I did with seating on day 1, as despite arriving just after 7.30am, the closest seat to the competition pool I could find was next to the diving pit! I think City of Leeds must have been camping out since Thursday…

“Old hands” at the Championship game (Ethan Baylin, Tabby Browning, Eleanor Cahill, Joshua Moss, Abby Parkinson and Libby Walker) were joined by debutants across the age range: Jamie Bleanch (9) India Bryant-Chesters (10) Alex Chesters (11) and Chloe Foster (12). Kiikkii Brown and Ava Williams had also qualified but were unable to race due to illness.

There are no finals at the Yorkshire Winters, with the top ten from the heats awarded a “Finalist” hat by way of compensation. Although day 1 saw 9 PBs from 14 races, we remained hatless, though Abby was just 0.02s away from 10th place in the 100m breaststroke.

There was no let-up in the effort levels on day 2 with 11 PBs from 13 races supplemented by 3 trips to the “hat table” to collect the coveted silicon items: Ethan (10th in the 50m breaststroke) and Abby (5th and 7th in 50m breaststroke and fly). Alex also just missed out (by 0.05s – approximately the length of a hand) with 11th place in the 50m breaststroke.

Overall, the youngsters managed a 74% PB hit rate and an 11% “hat rate”. Committed though we parents are in the gallery, there was also no small pleasure in the 100% hit rate in Tad swimmers racing before 3pm on the final afternoon, so we all got home early! Will the older swimmers be able to top this at their Championships on 15th/16th October?

As always, thanks to the Team Managers for maintaining order poolside and to the coaches for preparing the swimmers so well.


Weekend 2: Ages 13 and over

26 swimmers were in action for Tadcaster, including 5 county championship debutants: Isabel Cahill, Megan Purdy, Charlotte Holmes, Joe Burnell and Maxwell De’Ath. Spectator enthusiasm had clearly peaked two weeks earlier as there was no shortage of seats even as the warmups commenced.

Day 1 saw 11 PBs from 32 races, with Ellie Walker and Gemma Parkinson claiming hats in the 50m free.

Day 2 saw a further 23 PBs from 41 races, with another hat for Ellie in the 50m backstroke and one for Alex Heard in the 50m fly. Tom Carswell finally won a hat for his 6th place finish in the 100m fly. He’d had to make do with a silver medal in the 100m free and gold medals in the 50m free, fly and backstroke in his previous races!

Overall, the PB hit rate was just under 50% with a “medal and hat rate” of 12%, so we can call it an honourable draw between the younger and older age groups overall.

As always, thanks to the Team Managers for maintaining order poolside and to the coaches for preparing the swimmers so well.