Welcome to the Time Lords!

TimekeeperASA membership sorted…check!
DBS sorted…check!
Date, venue and trainer sorted…check!
We’re good to go!

 Ten would-be Time Keepers (and Inspectors of Turns, which was a surprise to some of us) started their training for Judge Level 1 at Wetherby Rugby Club on Thursday 9th June.  A very interesting course was presented by Roger, which gave a deep dive in to the rules, regulations, the science and the art of officiating at galas.  I don’t think any of us (other than maybe one or two) appreciated that there was so much involved and a few of us were a bit daunted about our new found responsibilities.  Of course having done a whole two hours of training now, we are all experts in the craft and can’t wait to get on poolside and have a go.  Some of us have volunteered to help with officiating at the Jorvik gala on 18th June, so we don’t have long to wait.  After that, we’ll probably have about a year of attending galas before we’re assessed as fully competent (assuming that we achieve the grade!). We were also surprised that we will be expected and trusted to impartially judge our own squad members and even our own children; please note that (for those old enough to remember the film) we will be The Untouchables!
The next wave of volunteers is needed so do not hesitate to join us!