Jorvik Gala – 18th June John Charles Centre



Good Luck to all the swimmers competing at the Jorvik Gala next Saturday  – 18th June.

The gala is at
John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds, LS11 5DJ. You can view your swimmer’s entries on  under the Viking Sprints title, 2016 Entry Lists.

If the event number begins with 1 your swimmer is competing in the morning session, if the event number begins with 2 your swimmer is competing in the afternoon.
Girls warm up 8.00am – 8.25am
Boys warm up 8.25am – 8.50am
First Heat 9am.
Girls warm up 1.00pm – 1.25pm
Boys warm up 1.25pm – 1.50pm
First Heat 2pm
Some things to remember;
  1. Please ensure your swimmer is poolside 15 minutes before their warm  up starts.
  2. All swimmers should have an old or training suit for the warm up and change into their competition suit prior to racing. Swimmers should not be sat around in wet clothing for long periods. Swimmers will need goggles, their blue T hat, and plenty of  towels (always handy to sit on!) Swimmers also need their T-bag top/a t-shirt and shorts for wearing between races. Suitable footwear is a good idea too as it can be slippy on poolside.

  3. Swimmers need plenty of drinks and some small energy snacks but lease do not send any foods containing nuts, seafood, kiwi, sesame and avocado. We have some swimmers with severe allergies and even trace amounts can cause a serious reaction. Please also ask swimmers not to share their snacks.
  4. Finally once your swimmer goes poolside they are under the care of the coaches and team managers and will be required to remain poolside for the morning/afternoon. Swimmers MUST inform the coaches if they leave poolside to go to the changing rooms or the toilet.

  5. Parents are not allowed poolside during galas and swimmers should not leave poolside to sit with their parents. If the coaches feel there is an issue with your swimmer they will contact you.
  6. Swimmers should see their coach after they have raced for a debrief and cool down, not leave poolside to go and see their parents. Please   also ensure your swimmer has something to do while waiting for their races (book/gadget) it can be a long wait between races.
  7. If for any reason you need to withdraw your swimmer please email this address ASAP.
  8. Danny and Jane will be poolside for this gala. Team managers for the morning session are Sam Collins and Victoria Sharpe. Afternoon team managers are Tracy Holbrook and Eleanor Carswell.
Good luck everyone and enjoy the day.